[vdr] epg.data stays empty (vdr 1.2.6 + xmltv2vdr 1.0.6)

Francois Dessart fdessart at easynet.be
Wed Jan 18 11:37:03 CET 2006


I am trying to populate VDR EPG data with xmltv + xmltv2vdr.

1)xmltv works fine and created a correct XML file

2)then I try to push it to VDR with xmltv2vdr:

-xmltv2vdr connects correctly to VDR using SVDRP: "connection accepted"
-around 3 minutes later "connection close"

Nothing is reported in between: neither success nor failure.
Should I see something?

The problem is that although the epg.data file is getting touched (if
existing) or created (if not existing) by VDR, it stays empty...and no
EPG data is available in VDR.

As there is absolutely no error message, I am a bit stuck on how to
troubleshoot this. Could someone, who is using it successfully, tell me
if anything should be printed between "connection accepted" and
"connection closed"?

Thanks for your advise on this.


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