[vdr] Modified channels.conf isn't saved

Philippe Gramoullé philippe at gramoulle.com
Wed Jan 18 12:06:41 CET 2006


I apology if this subject has already been discussed before, but i couldn't find
any definitive answer to my problem :

Sometimes i don't tune in some given channels for some time, just to realise that
the channel's name has changed. I started to reorganise my channels.conf using VDR
"mark channels" then move them up/down, and after i was done i zapped through channels
for a while and then shut down VDR.

I was disappointed to see that my changes weren't saved and that i had to start all over

So what's the best way to avoid such a mistake ?

- tune to somme channels, wait a few seconds that names (and pids) are updated,
  write the list down, and then manually edit channels.conf with a text editor ?

- use a plugin (channelsort) ?

- wait some time so that VDR writes the changes down ?
 (i don't remember what are the conditions so that VDR triggers files update,
  IIRC, no epg scan, no activity for xx minutes)

My config has only one FF DVB-S card.

Thanks much,


PS: same problem would eventually occur to epg data, so any advice is welcome as well
    to handle epg data updates.

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