[vdr] Show device-number when writing error messages to syslog

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer at gmx.de
Thu Jan 19 10:20:05 CET 2006

christian jacobsen schrieb:

>Only a small wish that can help if one is searching for bugs :) It would
>be really nice if the VDR error/info messages also could tell on what
>device the problem happened.
>I find lines like this in the syslog but as I were recording and live
>viewing at the time I don't know what really happened ;)
>clearing device because of consecutive poll timeouts
>cDolbyRepacker: skipped 238 bytes while syncing on next AC3 frame
>cAudioRepacker(0xC0): skipped 24 bytes to sync on next audio frame
>cVideoRepacker: no valid PES packet header found (dropped 201 bytes)
>cVideoRepacker: skipped 583 bytes while syncing on next picture
>There might also be other messages that need this kind of information,
>but that are the ones that I stumbled across.
>Christian Jacobsen
Just search for the Message, change the output and make a diff.
But as I know the remux don't know for which device it will do the work.
But you are right, sometimes it would be very nice to know which device 
makes Problems.
Btw it would be nice to know whats behind the devicenumber. Is it 
possible to detect that the first device is my DVB-S FF TT 1.5 ?? Maybe 
the Name of the device would be nice.


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