[vdr] Show device-number when writing error messages to syslog

christian jacobsen Christian.Jacobsen at stage-entertainment.de
Thu Jan 19 10:24:34 CET 2006


> :) It would
> >be really nice if the VDR error/info messages also could tell on what
> >device the problem happened.
> >
> >I find lines like this in the syslog but as I were recording and live
> >viewing at the time I don't know what really happened ;)
> >
> >clearing device because of consecutive poll timeouts
> >cDolbyRepacker: skipped 238 bytes while syncing on next AC3 frame
> >cAudioRepacker(0xC0): skipped 24 bytes to sync on next audio frame
> >cVideoRepacker: no valid PES packet header found (dropped 201 bytes)
> >cVideoRepacker: skipped 583 bytes while syncing on next picture
> >
> Just search for the Message, change the output and make a diff.

If I was able to programm I would have sent a patch ;)

> But as I know the remux don't know for which device it will 
> do the work.

OK, if it is possible I can't say, but maybe it can be made possible ;)

> But you are right, sometimes it would be very nice to know 
> which device 
> makes Problems.

Indeed :)

> Btw it would be nice to know whats behind the devicenumber. Is it 
> possible to detect that the first device is my DVB-S FF TT 
> 1.5 ?? Maybe 
> the Name of the device would be nice.

Name would only help if you use different cards, Device number should be

Christian Jacobsen

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