[vdr] OSD doesn't work

Luis Palacios luis at derqui.net
Thu Jan 19 13:46:18 CET 2006

Hi guys, please help me bcs I'm desperate. I had to re install  
completely my box
and now everything is working but OSD !!!. I can't see menus nor any  
OSD on the
xine screen.

I'm using:
- gentoo linux, kernel 2.6.14
- I have a Skystar2
- vdr-1.3.38
- vdr-xine-0.7.6
- xine-lib-cvs-20050814180000.tar.bz2
- xine-ui-cvs-20050814180000.tar.bz2

I start vdr with: ./vdr -w 60 '-Pxine -r'

I'm using vdradmin to change channels. I can see this type of output.
vdr: osdflush: n: 3, 35.4
vdr: osdflush: n: 2, 28.2
vdr: osdflush: n: 2, 26.3
vdr: osdflush: n: 2, 26.1
vdr: osdflush: n: 2, 20.3

I've been three days looking for something similar in the web, in the  
list, everywhere,
and I'm lost, can't solve it.

Please tell me if you need more information to try to help me.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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