[vdr] strange cPalette::SetBpp

Markus Hahn mhahn at reel-multimedia.com
Thu Jan 19 17:31:26 CET 2006

Hi there, 
with none default themes, I get the error messages 
"too many different colors used in palette"
by using 16 different colors in theme file.
As a result some Skins.Message are not displayed 

Digging deeper, I found cPalette::SetBpp  osd.c
give some strange values: 
At Start
maxColors: 256
maxColors: 2
maxColors: 256
maxColors: 4
first call up menu 
maxColors: 16
maxColors: 4


Why does the color resolution changed? Shoudn`t be at one value? 

regards Markus 

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