[vdr] RFC: Installing vdr to /usr(/local)/sbin

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Fri Jan 20 01:59:11 CET 2006

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Even though "sbin" and section 8 is generally for "system administration
> commands", which vdr clearly is not, in my opinion vdr is even less a
> "user command" which "bin" and section 1 more or less implies.  No need
> to clutter normal users' PATH with executables they aren't really
> supposed to run.

Well, that depends. The 'typical' use of VDR as recorder daemon, 
starting at boot time, would suggest this. However, I also have a 
secondary VDR on my notebook, relying on streamdev and xine-plugin, and 
in that case its really more an user process that is only started when 

On the other hand, I don't use the default make install anyway. ;)



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