[vdr] RFC: Installing vdr to /usr(/local)/sbin

Patrick Cernko errror at errror.org
Fri Jan 20 06:42:16 CET 2006

Ville Skyttä schrieb:
> As mentioned in a private mail to Klaus:
> I tend to think /usr(/local)/sbin and manual page section 8 would be
> more appropriate for vdr than /usr(/local)/bin and section 1.
> So, what do people think, would something like the attached patch be a
> good idea?  It might break some setups, so it clearly needs to be done
> during a development cycle if ever.  While sort of cosmetic, I think
> this would be a good thing, and in the series of making vdr feel "more
> mature" like someone mentioned in a recent "don't run as root" thread.

I support Udo's opinion too. We have a vdr running at work. It starts up
as a daemon on boot. So this would match your argumentation. But we
found out, that for cutting, it is easier to login to the vdr server and
start a special vdr with softdevice(xv) output and (optional)
streamdev-client input. The output is forwarded sufficiently fast via
ssh-XForwarding in a Gigabit network. With this application in mind, I
vote for not moving vdr to /usr/sbin.

Anyway, I also have my own installation method, and can handle the move
on my side, too.

So long,

Patrick Cernko

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