[vdr] cMenuText

Tobias Grimm listaccount at e-tobi.net
Fri Jan 20 18:47:34 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> The cMenuText menu doesn't want any higher level menu (from
> which it has been invoked) to do anyting special in case, e.g.,
> a color key is pressed. Therefore it only processes its known
> keys and makes everything else be ignored.

Ok. I thought a menu should only return osContinue for keys, it has
processed and I never saw a reason for a parent to process the keys
pressed from it's child menu. But if I understand you right, osContinue
is returned for keys, that no other parent menu should process.

Is this a valid usage scenario for a plugin?:

Story: In an item list, items are selected by the cursor key and the
color keys invoke actions on the items. Opening an item with kOk should
display some details, but the color keys should do exactly the same as
in the list.

Implemented like this: A class derived from cOsdMenu show's a list of
items. Pressing a color key invokes an action for the selected item.
Pressing ok shows item details in a cMenuText-submenu. The class that
inherits from cMenuText overrides ProcessKey() and returns osUnknown for
the color keys. This way the parent's key actions are invoked.


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