[vdr] DVD audio output problem

Paavo Hartikainen pahartik at sci.fi
Sat Jan 21 19:09:52 CET 2006

Paavo Hartikainen <pahartik at sci.fi> writes:

> DVD plugin seems to work well, except for audio.  I only got noise
> from analog output of TechnoTrend DVB-C 2.1.  I suppose there is
> byteswap problem when running on big-endian system.
> Configuration: PowerPC 604e, Linux 2.6.14, Debian GNU, vdr (1.3.37),
> dvd (0.3.6-b03)

Same thing happens on iBook G4 with vdr (1.3.38), dvd (0.3.6-b03).
Audio works well for DVB content (directly through streamdev-client or
recorded on NFS), using xine (0.7.6) to display.

DVD video content works but audio is only noise.  When using DVD
directly (on gxine), audio works fine.

I assume this problem happens between VDR and plugin, as it sounds
like byte order mismatch on PCM audio.  Assuming that audio between
VDR and plugin is transferred as PCM data...

However, I do not understand code of that plugin well enough to be
able to insert byteswap to function that passes audio from plugin to

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