[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-image-0.2.5

Andreas Brachold ml06 at deltab.de
Sun Jan 22 09:05:01 CET 2006


here are a update of vdr-image plugin... 

* Bounce to vdr-1.3.38 (required now vdr-1.3.38 or newer)
* add exif support, show vdr info screen (required libexif) 
   now inital rotation depends founded exif data
   but this feature could disable with "make plugins WITHOUT_LIBEXIF=1"
* update any translations via babelfish
   If you mean that the translation are incorrect, 
   which is very probable, please send me a corrected i18n.c file.

- split exif page to two page for tags and marker nodes
- fix wrong limits on NTSC zoom mode 
- fix consider the border values at zoom mode
- fix first image was'nt rotation depends founded exif data
- fix show vdr info screen via official vdr way
- fix build failed without defined FFMDIR 
- add italian/dutch/portuguese/spanish translations via babelfish
- add contrib/show-raw-digital-photo.patch for anytopnm to show raw
digital photo from many digital cameras.
- add russian translation
- add french translation
- prepare for Hrvatski/Eesti/Dansk translation
- Updated finnish translations. (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg)

What is it : 
This is a plugin for vdr and allows the display of digital images, like
jpeg, tiff, png, bmp and some more, on the TV screen, using the DVB out
device from vdr. 

see included README for more details

netpbm, or as alternative imagemagick

Link : 

Homepage : http://vdr-image.berlios.de/
Download : http://download.berlios.de/vdr-image/vdr-image-0.2.5.tar.gz


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