[vdr] [1.3.40] Fast channel switching resets

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Jan 22 22:23:59 CET 2006

Udo Richter wrote:
>> - Switching channels with the Up/Down or Channel+/Channel- keys now 
>> works a lot
>>   faster when the repeat function kicks in, by not actually switching the
>>   channel every time, but rather only displaying the channel info and 
>> doing
>>   the final switch when the key is released.
> Nice idea, but not working for me.
> If I hold down ChUp on my remote, VDR just goes one channel up. Then, 
> the repeat kicks in and the channel number counts up rapidly, but resets 
> to the current channel after 10-40 channels (1-2 seconds), then starts 
> counting up again. No channel switches after the first one in log files.
> After releasing ChUp, the final channel switch happens, to the channel 
> that was shown at that time.
> With keyboard, the ChUp is waaay slower, but works. From the logs, each 
> channel is switched separately, just as without repeat.
> Remote support is based on remote-0.3.3, keyboard support is 
> VDR-builtin. No other plugins loaded.

Well, I could only test this with my own RCU stuff, but I just
assumed that it should work just as well with LIRC.

It can't work with the keyboard, because there is no "repeat"
functionality in cKbdRemote. Maybe somebody could find a way
to implement that ;-)

So basically I'm afraid I can't help here. The functionality
works great with my RCU, so I would assume that there are some
glitches in cLircRemote or the remote plugin you're using.
My guess would be that there is no uninterrupted stream of
"repeat" keypresses. As soon as a non-repeat keypress is
received, a channel switch will take place.


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