[vdr] [1.3.40] Fast channel switching resets

Andreas Share a.share at t-online.de
Sun Jan 22 23:16:26 CET 2006

> Udo Richter wrote:
>>> - Switching channels with the Up/Down or Channel+/Channel- keys now 
>>> works a lot
>>>   faster when the repeat function kicks in, by not actually switching 
>>> the
>>>   channel every time, but rather only displaying the channel info and 
>>> doing
>>>   the final switch when the key is released.
>> Nice idea, but not working for me.
>> If I hold down ChUp on my remote, VDR just goes one channel up. Then, the 
>> repeat kicks in and the channel number counts up rapidly, but resets to 
>> the current channel after 10-40 channels (1-2 seconds), then starts 
>> counting up again. No channel switches after the first one in log files.
>> After releasing ChUp, the final channel switch happens, to the channel 
>> that was shown at that time.
>> With keyboard, the ChUp is waaay slower, but works. From the logs, each 
>> channel is switched separately, just as without repeat.
>> Remote support is based on remote-0.3.3, keyboard support is VDR-builtin. 
>> No other plugins loaded.
> Well, I could only test this with my own RCU stuff, but I just
> assumed that it should work just as well with LIRC.
> It can't work with the keyboard, because there is no "repeat"
> functionality in cKbdRemote. Maybe somebody could find a way
> to implement that ;-)
> So basically I'm afraid I can't help here. The functionality
> works great with my RCU, so I would assume that there are some
> glitches in cLircRemote or the remote plugin you're using.
> My guess would be that there is no uninterrupted stream of
> "repeat" keypresses. As soon as a non-repeat keypress is
> received, a channel switch will take place.


i also use the RCU, but i have the same effect as Udo....i use a old Dbox1 
remote control.


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