[vdr] vdr-1.3.37+ doesn't start with new runvdr

Christoph Hermanns Christoph.Hermanns at web.de
Mon Jan 23 22:46:51 CET 2006

Hi list,
since i've updated to vdr-1.3.37 i hava a problem starting plugins
with a command line option in runvdr like this:

VDRCMD="$VDRPRG -u $VDRUSR -w 60 -t /dev/tty8 -L  
/usr/local/src/VDR/PLUGINS/lib -c /usr/local/vdr/etc $* \
		-s /usr/local/bin/vdrshutdown \
		-P 'osdteletext -r' \
		-P 'osdimage --directory /video/screenshots' "


while (true) do

vdr doesn't start with this runvdr. Plugins without single quotation ''
e.g. -P osdteletext
work here.
Changing the start command in the while-loop from $VDRCMD into the old
su $VDRUSR -c "$VDRCMD" like


while (true) do
       su $VDRUSR -c "$VDRCMD"

and all plugins work as before including the command line options in  
single quota.

- Has someone tested a plugin with command line options with the new  
runvdr from 1.3.37+ ???
- Or is this a rights problem ?


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