[vdr] Vdradmin

Rene Hertell linuxtv at hertell.com
Wed Jan 25 11:00:49 CET 2006

Jouni Karvo wrote:
> Well, these problems are well known.  They might not appear with the
> epg data received by the vdradmin's author, so we just have to fix
> them ourselves.

I assume that this is because the Finnish epg-data is messed up?

For example. I have C.S.I as an autotimer. Today I got two entrys for
upcoming Sunday (both for the same channel). One that starts at 22:34
and ends at 23:40 (which is correct), and an other that starts at 22:05
and ends at 23:40 (which is wrong). I have set up the autotimer to start
1 (one) minute before the actual program starts (here in Finland no
program starts on time except for News)

Here is the current schedule for that time frame that the second timer uses:

22:00 - 22:15 Kymmenen Uutiset (News)
22:15 - 22:25 Viikon sää (weather forcast)
22:25 - 22:35 Tulosruutu (Sports)
22:35 - 23:30 C.S.I. Miami

Somehow there is no logic in this. The second timer starts more or less
in the middle of the news..

> First - NO_EVENTID = 1 to the config file, and then, if you get lots
> of duplicates (which I get with an earlier version of vdradmin) fix
> the broken updating of autotimers in the source code (by disabling
> it).

I tried to tweak the no_eventid = 1 also, but I got more than 10 entrys
for the same recording...

What part of the vdradmin-script did you tweak? How reliable was it?



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