[vdr] burn-plugin und vdrconvert produces copy protected discs ; -(

peter.dittmann at freenet.de peter.dittmann at freenet.de
Thu Jan 26 11:36:01 CET 2006

> On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, peter.dittmann at freenet.de wrote:
> > As a workaround until mkisofs is addapted (already mailed the maintainer)
> we need to add the -udf switch to mkisofs to also generate an UDF file
> system.
> I've always used -dvd-video and all my DVDs have worked on every STB 
> I've tried.
That's the problem, I work on commercial code (ESS = Cyberhome) and it looks like it's only hitting the market now with their most recent code.
We have some older platforms with the same chip with no problem. It started with one of the recent code merges.
Looks like DVD-Forum now enforces it (it's what ESS says).
Would be nasty surprise if your next player starts complaining.


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