[vdr] cUnbufferedFile and NFS mounted video dir

Andreas Holzhammer - GMX andreas.holzhammer at gmx.de
Thu Jan 26 13:00:32 CET 2006


I'm using a diskless VDR 1.3.38 and noticed that during recordings the 
network is saturated for 1-2 seconds every 30 seconds. I haven't seen 
this with 1.3.22, so I asume this might be related to the 
cUnbufferedFile class in 1.3.35+.

This leads to very uneven load on the vdr client (and the NFS-Server), 
where I've seen 10000 interrupts per second during the flushes (a few 
hundred irqs in between). I'm not sure whether this contributes to some 
of my recordings being broken (c*Repacker errors), but I'd like to 
distribute the writes more evenly.

Is there a way to get cUnbufferedFile to write the data every second, er 
even continuously? The NFS-server is going to take care of writing the 
data to disk anyway.


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