[vdr] Xine over DFB

Chad Flynt hoochster at sofnet.com
Fri Jan 27 08:19:25 CET 2006

Well thanks to Reinhard, I got Xine compiled, and got Xine working over 
DFB, not quite sure if it is the proper way but it is running.  My 
question to anyone is if there is anyone else out there running Xine 
over DFB for VDR.   And do you have any recommendations on settings and 
such.  I am just trying not to reinvent the wheel if someone else has 
already played with different options etc.  I would also like to start 
Xine when VDR starts, I read on the VDR Wiki in German that you can edit 
the xine.c file but the page didn't come out right, so was hopeing 
someone could shed some light there.  Any tips or tricks to make the 
best performance osd etc do let me know please.  Also is there anything 
in particular that can be done to DFB to properly support like YAEPG.  I 
can mod YAEPG no problem to fit properly but being as the video window 
doesn't scale like it should, was wondering if anyone knew the trick to 
that.  Or if it is an FFMPEG problem or what.

Thanks for any assistance.  Very happy to get it going, running much 
smoother and less cpu than Softdevice, and also allows me to do HD now!


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