[vdr] Confirm messages

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Fri Jan 27 13:31:22 CET 2006

Hi list,

    some time ago my girlfriend wanted to record a program via EPG. She 
has never done that before but managed it easily to program the timer 
out of the EPG-view. But when she saw the timer-data she did not press 
OK button to save the timer because there was no hint to do so.
She pressed back the menu closed and the timer was lost :( -

The question: Bad luck or bad user interface?

On many Set Top Boxes I recognized that lots of hints and status 
messages are displayed. This makes it possible that also unexperienced 
users can use the device.

As long as only 'root' has the remot control in his hands there is no 
need for messages - but other users seem to have some problems.

Since 1.3.40 a message 'Recording started' is displayed when the Record 
button was pressed. This is the right way.
End-user devices give feedback to almost everything

My proposal for the timer issue (and maybe in general):

- color key to explicitly save and exit the timer editing menu
- warning when exiting the timer menu without having saved ( e.g. 'timer 
not saved. Really exit?' )

that would be common behaviour of almost all end-user applications.

I would also wish a confirm message when stopping playback (also plugins 
mp3 etc.). I often stopped playback accidently when browsing menus 
during playback. Especially by pressing blue button.

I know that the 'Don't ask and do what I say' lobby won't like it but 
maybe a setup option verbose could be added to control the level of 

What do you think about that?

Regards Peter

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