[vdr] Confirm messages

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Fri Jan 27 14:00:27 CET 2006

Peter Juszack wrote:
> Hi list,
>    some time ago my girlfriend wanted to record a program via EPG. She 
> has never done that before but managed it easily to program the timer 
> out of the EPG-view. But when she saw the timer-data she did not press 
> OK button to save the timer because there was no hint to do so.
> She pressed back the menu closed and the timer was lost :( -
> The question: Bad luck or bad user interface?
> On many Set Top Boxes I recognized that lots of hints and status 
> messages are displayed. This makes it possible that also unexperienced 
> users can use the device.
> As long as only 'root' has the remot control in his hands there is no 
> need for messages - but other users seem to have some problems.
> Since 1.3.40 a message 'Recording started' is displayed when the Record 
> button was pressed. This is the right way.
> End-user devices give feedback to almost everything
> My proposal for the timer issue (and maybe in general):
> - color key to explicitly save and exit the timer editing menu
> - warning when exiting the timer menu without having saved ( e.g. 'timer 
> not saved. Really exit?' )
> that would be common behaviour of almost all end-user applications.

Since version 1.3.38 the Red button in the Schedule menu immediately
creates the timer and marks the event with 'T'. So it can't happen any
more that a timer is not confirmed.

> I would also wish a confirm message when stopping playback (also plugins 
> mp3 etc.). I often stopped playback accidently when browsing menus 
> during playback. Especially by pressing blue button.
> I know that the 'Don't ask and do what I say' lobby won't like it but 
> maybe a setup option verbose could be added to control the level of 
> verbosity.

I'd hate if I'm asked every time I stop a replay - and I also don't think
that this is woth YASO (Yet Another Setup Option).

See also http://www.heise.de/ct/schlagseite/06/01/gross.jpg ;-)


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