[vdr] Confirm messages

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Fri Jan 27 15:39:47 CET 2006

Peter Juszack wrote:
> Laurence Abbott wrote:
>> Ditto: that would be really annoying but then I generally use a 'proper'
>> Stop button rather than the blue button to stop playback. I'd have
>> thought stopping playback by accident is only a minor annoyance,
>> compared with shutting down by accident, for example, which does have a
>> confirmation message.
> At present time there are three ways to end playback: Stop, Back and Blue.
> I agree in pressing Stop means Stop and requires no confirmation. ( The 
> stop
> button will almost not be pressed accidently).
> The other ways are for people who don not have a stop button on their 
> remote
> control or don't have a remote control? I think they exist for 
> historical reasons.
> As long as not at least the Back key is disabled to stop playback it can 
> be very
> annoying.
> An accidently stopped playback of a recording can be continued via Red key.
> But an interrupted mp3 from a playlist means more 'work' to continue at 
> the lost
> position.
> Of course that can be seen as a mp3 plugin problem. But the plugin 
> developer gives the
> same meaning to keys as VDR does. This is required to achieve a 
> consistent handling
> and I totally agree to.
> So maybe at least the Back key could be disabled?

Well, the "Back" key is the normal way I end replaying, because it leads
me back to the "Recordings" menu where I can delete the recording
I have just viewed.


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