[vdr] Unknown message from CAM

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Fri Jan 27 18:03:51 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Wolfgang Goeller wrote:
>> Hello
>> I upgraded tonight from vdr-1.3.37 to vdr-1.3.40
>> Now I found in the log-file:
>> CAM: different stream flag in CA descriptors
>> I never saw this before. Can someone please explain,
>> what this messages means.
> See pat.c, cCaDescriptors::GetCaDescriptors() and ci.c, 
> cCiCaPmt::cCiCaPmt()
> and cCiCaPmt::AddPid().
> CA descriptors are given either on the "programme level" or at
> the "elementary stream level". Depending on where is the data stream

...where in...

> VDR finds them, the StreamFlag is set accordings.


Sorry about the typos - I really should reread my postings
before sending them...


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