[vdr] Xine and ac3 Passthru for dolby digital

Dave inssomniak at mountaincable.net
Sat Jan 28 07:14:56 CET 2006

Im having some problems getting ac3 passthru to work.   Im using fbxine 
with directfb, which works well, for both video and audio in PCM mode, 
but frequent crashes occur with trying to use Dolby Digital. I have set 
the xine plugin to "Dolby On"

audio.output.speaker_arrangement:Pass Through

It works sometimes, other times it crashes.  No errors in logs, except a 
lot of "Ring Buffer Overflows".. fbxine just exits with no errors.
Vdr itself doesnt crash, just fbxine crashes out or thinks the stream ended?

vdr 1.3.38
Xine CVS

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