[vdr] Suggestion for live-pausing

Rene Hertell linuxtv at hertell.com
Sat Jan 28 13:19:18 CET 2006


I have a suggestion for pausing a live program. Now when I want to pause
a show, I have to stop it separately, or leave it on till the
live-pausing time-out occurs (eg. 3 hours).

What I think would be a nice enhancement would be to get an option to
record the current program + 10min (as the normal timer-menu suggests),
and the recording would stop automagically. This option would be visible
right after I press pause, and it would be on the screen for eg. 5sec.
The prompt could be something like: "Do you want to pause only the
current program? Press ok to confirm or Back to keep going". Currently
when I'm pausing a program I'm watching, i start the timer, and browse
to my recordings-menu and start watching that way. The reason I do it
this way is that I don't have to remember shutting down the program
after watching it (otherwise It keeps going till time-out and wastes
space on my hdd).

Also if I have a timer for a channel that's on a different channel group
that starts eg. after the program I'm pausing the, start-up of the
recording would fail..



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