[vdr] Hook up a projector and channels disappear...

Sami Taipale sami.taipale at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 20:08:57 CET 2006


I'm having weird problems with my vdr box. It has been working fine for a
long time now, but a week ago some channels stopped showing. EPG data was
there, but the picture was blank and there was no sound. Problematic
channels were all in the same transponder (not sure if this is the correct
term, kanavanippu in Finnish). I started investigating the problem today and
noticed that if I hook up my video projector to the vdr-box the channels
won't show. If the projector is not hooked up, the channels show OK (I
checked this with vdradmin).

Has anybody else had similar problems? How did you solve them? I have a
spare display adapter and I might give it a try tomorrow.

The most puzzling thing here is the fact that the vdr-box has worked fine
for quite some time before this.

I'm using LinVDR 0.7 with kernel 2.6.12.

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