[vdr] cVideoRepacker: found system start code: stream seems to be scrambled or not demultiplexed

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Jan 29 13:27:35 CET 2006


Martin Dauskardt wrote:

> Jan 28 12:43:45 linvdr user.debug vdr: [3078] PES packet shortened to 1656
> bytes (expected: 1840 bytes)

This line shows me, that a TS packet (188 byte: 4 byte header + 184 byte 
payload) was lost. When the recording ended, you should get a couple of 
TS discontinuities reported in syslog.

The remuxer cannot recreate those lost bytes, but just inform about this 
issue. Next, one has to check, why TS packets get lost: driver isssue, 
hardware issue, etc.?

> BER according to femon is below 400, this should be good enough.

The signal may be strong enough, but it could also be a matter of the 
driver or hardware setup/configuration that packets get lost.

> I never noticed this with recordings on the DVB-T-device.

Possibly, because it is a different hardware/setup/configuration.

> On vdrportal three guys reported the same problem.

Do they all have similar hardware/setup/configuration?
Are there other people without this issue?

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