[vdr] [1.3.40] Fast channel switching resets

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sun Jan 29 15:21:49 CET 2006

En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:

> Originally I didn't want to release a new version of VDR today,
> but since this repeat thing is rather problematic, and there is
> also a serious problem with the version of EPG events after a
> restart, I'm thinking of making a new release later today. So
> if somebody could confirm that this patch actually works, that
> would be nice.

I'm afraid it's not reliable enough with the default REPEATDELAY of 350
in lirc.c (sometimes cDIsplayChannels still gets a kNone before the
Changing REPEATDELAY to 250 seems to work better, but I don't think is
the definitive solution.

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