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I demand that Tony Houghton may or may not have written...

> In <4DF0E0017A%linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk>, Darren Salt wrote:
>> I demand that Laurence Abbott may or may not have written...
>>> On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 14:00 +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>> Since version 1.3.38 the Red button in the Schedule menu immediately
>>>> creates the timer and marks the event with 'T'. [...]

>>> I upraded from 1.3.36 to 1.3.40 last weekend and noticed this new
>>> behaviour last night. I like it a lot! [...]

>> Just wait until you want to record a film on, say, ITV2. You know, one of
>> those which is split in half so that they can stick in some other
>> programme, the scheduled start and end times of which are works of
>> fiction.

> I've found that a nuisance too. You have to get used to it, because in
> printed TV guides they often just list it as one programme with a note that
> there's a break for something else in the middle. I think it would be
> worthwhile for VDR to check whether the next programme but one after the
> one you're recording has the same name.

That won't always work - see ITV1, Wednesday, 9pm (which is one of the
examples which I've posted). There are *four* intervening EPG entries.

I suggest looking for another programme which is scheduled to begin within 45
minutes of the end of the selected programme. (This would cover films being
split by the 10pm news on BBC1 while not triggering false positives caused by
quick repeats on ITV2.)

Obviously, where the gap between the two parts exceeds the sum of the timer
margins, two timers should be created. An option to append the second
recording to the first would seem to be reasonable.

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