[vdr] kvdr 0.64 released

Qwasi qwasi_1999 at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 29 21:21:34 CET 2006

Am Samstag, 21. Januar 2006 14:07 schrieb Guido Fiala:
> new version can be downloaded under
> http://www.s.netic.de/gfiala/kvdr-0.64.tgz
> -new feature "Tiny-Sticky-Mode" - it shows a tiny window at all (virtual)
> desktops always on top and the previous-sized window at its home desktop,
> to be activated with key "T"
> -kvdr is now a "KUniqueApplication", meaning it will and can only be
> started once
> -some bugfixes with overlay handling as well as positioning and geometry in
> fullscreen and Xv-Mode

Hi there!
Cause of my kvdr is not working (suddenly) in overlay anymore, i wanted to try 
the new version ... but ...

checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 2.2.2) (libraries) not found. 
Please check your installation!
For more details about this problem, look at the end of config.log.

I tried all I can do to get missing packages but none solved the problem
I tried to give configure the locations with no change (yes ... the headers 
were found afterwards :)

Here's a list of my installed qt-packages:
ii  gtk-engines-qtpixmap   0.28-1.1          QtPixmap GTK1.x theming engine
ii  gtk2-engines-gtk-qt    0.60-2            theme engine using Qt for GTK+ 
ii  gtk2-engines-qtpixmap  0.28-1.1          QtPixmap GTK2.x theming engine
ii  libavahi-qt3-1         0.6.4-2           Avahi QT3 integration library
ii  libavahi-qt3-dev       0.6.4-2           Development headers for the Avahi 
QT3 integration library
ii  libdbus-qt-1-1c2       0.60-5            simple interprocess messaging 
system (Qt-based shared library)
ii  libpoppler0c2-qt       0.4.4-2           PDF rendering library (Qt-based 
shared library)
ii  libqt3-compat-headers  3.3.5-3           Qt 1.x and 2.x compatibility 
ii  libqt3-headers         3.3.5-3           Qt3 header files
ii  libqt3-i18n            3.3.5-3           i18n files for Qt3 library
ii  libqt3-mt              3.3.5-3           Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime 
version), Version 3
ii  libqt3-mt-dev          3.3.5-3           Qt development files (Threaded)
ii  libqt4-core            4.1.0-3           Qt 4 core non-GUI functionality 
runtime library
ii  libqt4-dev             4.1.0-3           Qt 4 development files
ii  libqt4-gui             4.1.0-3           Qt 4 core GUI functionality 
runtime library
ii  libqt4-qt3support      4.1.0-3           Qt 3 compatibility library for Qt 
ii  libqt4-sql             4.1.0-3           Qt 4 SQL database module
ii  libqthreads-12         1.6.7-2           QuickThreads library for Guile
ii  pinentry-qt            0.7.2-3           Qt-based PIN or pass-phrase entry 
dialog for GnuPG
ii  pyqt-tools             3.15-4            pyuic and pylupdate for Qt3
ii  python2.3-qt3          3.15-4            Qt3 bindings for Python 2.3
ii  python2.3-sip4-qt3     4.3.1-1           Python/C++ bindings generator - 
Python2.3+Qt3 runtime
ii  qt3-apps-dev           3.3.5-3           Qt3 Developer applications 
development files
ii  qt3-assistant          3.3.5-3           The Qt3 assistant application
ii  qt3-designer           3.3.5-3           Qt3 Designer
ii  qt3-dev-tools          3.3.5-3           Qt3 development tools
ii  qt3-dev-tools-compat   3.3.5-3           Conversion utilities for Qt3 
ii  qt3-dev-tools-embedded 3.3.5-3           Tools to develop embedded Qt 
ii  qt3-doc                3.3.5-3           Qt3 API documentation
ii  qt3-linguist           3.3.5-3           The Qt3 Linguist
ii  qt3-qtconfig           3.3.5-3           The Qt3 Configuration Application
ii  qt4-designer           4.1.0-3           Qt 4 Designer
ii  qt4-dev-tools          4.1.0-3           Qt 4 development tools
ii  qtparted               0.4.5-1           A parted frontend using QT
ii  xawtv-plugin-qt        3.94-1.1          quicktime plugin for xawtv and 

Other kde apps like f.i. kmldonkey compiled fine !?

ld -lqt returns
ld: cannot find -lqt

ldconfig -v | grep qt gives:
libqthreads.so.12 -> libqthreads.so.12.3.0
libqtopiakonnector.so -> libqtopiakonnector.so
libavahi-qt3.so.1 -> libavahi-qt3.so.1.0.0
libdbus-qt-1.so.1 -> libdbus-qt-1.so.1.0.0
libpoppler-qt.so.0 -> libpoppler-qt.so.0.0.0
libqtmcop.so.1 -> libqtmcop.so.1.0.0
libqt-mt.so.3 -> libqt-mt.so.3.3.5

Have you got a tipp ?



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