[vdr] vdr 1.3.41: channel up/down doesn't work

Stefan Huelswitt s.huelswitt at gmx.de
Sun Jan 29 22:02:42 CET 2006

On 29 Jan 2006 s.huelswitt at gmx.de (Stefan Huelswitt) wrote:

> I just tested vdr 1.3.41 and found that switching the channel
> with up/down doesn't works anymore.

Ok, at first glance it looked like a remote problem, but further
investigations showed that the problem is at a different place.

In 1.3.40 the new channel switch code (with fast switch on
key-repeat) was introduced.
The next available channel (if there is one) is determined in
cDisplayChannel::NextAvailableChannel(). The GetDevice() call
there uses priority 0.

Unfortunaly my system has one DVB card only and PrimaryLimit is
setup to 20, so NextAvailableChannel() newer returns a channel.

If I raise priority to at least PrimaryLimit, it works as

For a one card system I certainly would replace
  GetDevice(Channel, 0)
  GetDevice(Channel, Setup.PrimaryLimit)

I'm not sure how this will effect a multi-card system.


Stefan Huelswitt
s.huelswitt at gmx.de  | http://www.muempf.de/

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