[vdr] Re: 1.3.41 and buffer reserve

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Jan 29 22:16:35 CET 2006

Peter Juszack wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> - Removed the "buffer reserve" in Transfer Mode - it's no longer 
>> necessary with
>>   recent driver/firmware versions.
> I had set GotBufferReserve = true in the previous version. Things 
> improved a lot -
> ARD Dolby Digital stuttering went away.
> Yesterday I still had problems when recording ARD ( Dolby Digital ) and 
> ZDF ( Dolby Digital )
> in parallel yesterday on my 2 card system.
> System was almost unusable as long as I watched the ZDF live signal or 
> the ZDF recording.
> Switching to another (available channel) helped alltough recording went on.
> I tried today and it things worked much better (only a little slower 
> OSD). Maybe at has to do with
> the fact that yesterday's  "Wetten dass" was in DD 5.1 and today's 
> program is DD 2.0.
> I noticed that the code in transfer.c has reduced a lot - can that be 
> reason or is it the same
> a previous code with GotBufferReserver = true ?

That should actually be the same.

> It seems to me that ARD/ ZDF Dolby Digital is some kind of corrupted 
> because there have been no
> problems with Pro/ or SAT.1

Since around the beginning of this year the ZDF broadcasts with
a much higher bandwidth than before. That's why recording and watching
channels on that transponder is a problem on a single card system.


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