[vdr] Xine and CPU Usage

Chad Flynt hoochster at sofnet.com
Mon Jan 30 02:36:31 CET 2006

I recently got xine up and running on an AMD 2600+ and all seemed to be 
working fine, I am wanting to do High Definition and it was coming close 
to maxing out the cpu and just wasn't perfect on the HDTV channels.  So 
I decided to swap it out with one of my other systems.  I changed it out 
for a 64 Bit 3500+.  I didn't compile my kernel in 64 bit mode, but 
otherwise as far as I can tell, set everything back up the same as it 
was before.  All works, but my CPU usage is much higher just on normal 
channels and on High Definition it really isn't that high but I get 
jerky picture quality on any High Def Channel and I didn't have that on 
the slower system.  My cpu on the slower system would run bout 5-10% 
with Xine, and hit 80-90% on HDTV and that high the pic quality just 
wasn't the best it could be but it was smooth.  On the faster pc, I 
average bout 17-20+% on regular channels, which seems very high compared 
to the other, and on HDTV I am only running bout 60% but I am sure that 
is cuz of the jerkyness and it just not being smooth.

My question is, is there anything I missed maybe?  I just ran default 
settings on the old system and tried on the new and running into this, I 
haven't tried messing with deinterlacers or anything like that, mainly 
cuz I don't know enough about them.  The only thing I can think of is 
the chipsets.  The old system ran a Nivida 2 chipset and the new system 
runs a Via K8t800Pro VT8237 chipset.  Is there something I should do 
differntly?  Any suggestion are gladly welcomed. 

Also trying to get the onboard SPDIF to work, haven't tried installing 
Mplayer yet to test it, but can't for the life of me make it work via 
Xine, even with the Pass Through set etc, hopefully missing something on 
that too.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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