[vdr] Xine and CPU Usage

Chad Flynt hoochster at sofnet.com
Mon Jan 30 02:46:57 CET 2006

I guess I should also state I am using DirectFB, I am going to try and 
go back to the version of CVS I was using on the older system and see if 
that is the problem. 

Chad Flynt wrote:

> I recently got xine up and running on an AMD 2600+ and all seemed to 
> be working fine, I am wanting to do High Definition and it was coming 
> close to maxing out the cpu and just wasn't perfect on the HDTV 
> channels.  So I decided to swap it out with one of my other systems.  
> I changed it out for a 64 Bit 3500+.  I didn't compile my kernel in 64 
> bit mode, but otherwise as far as I can tell, set everything back up 
> the same as it was before.  All works, but my CPU usage is much higher 
> just on normal channels and on High Definition it really isn't that 
> high but I get jerky picture quality on any High Def Channel and I 
> didn't have that on the slower system.  My cpu on the slower system 
> would run bout 5-10% with Xine, and hit 80-90% on HDTV and that high 
> the pic quality just wasn't the best it could be but it was smooth.  
> On the faster pc, I average bout 17-20+% on regular channels, which 
> seems very high compared to the other, and on HDTV I am only running 
> bout 60% but I am sure that is cuz of the jerkyness and it just not 
> being smooth.
> My question is, is there anything I missed maybe?  I just ran default 
> settings on the old system and tried on the new and running into this, 
> I haven't tried messing with deinterlacers or anything like that, 
> mainly cuz I don't know enough about them.  The only thing I can think 
> of is the chipsets.  The old system ran a Nivida 2 chipset and the new 
> system runs a Via K8t800Pro VT8237 chipset.  Is there something I 
> should do differntly?  Any suggestion are gladly welcomed.
> Also trying to get the onboard SPDIF to work, haven't tried installing 
> Mplayer yet to test it, but can't for the life of me make it work via 
> Xine, even with the Pass Through set etc, hopefully missing something 
> on that too.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
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