[vdr] Re: 1.3.41 and buffer reserve

Alain Vaslet alain at vaslet.de
Mon Jan 30 09:42:02 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>>> Since around the beginning of this year the ZDF broadcasts with
>>> a much higher bandwidth than before. That's why recording and watching
>>> channels on that transponder is a problem on a single card system.
>> Arrrrgh! It's a higher bit (data) rate but _not_ bandwidth!
> But doesn't that ultimately result in a higher bandwidth
> of that particular broadcast?
??? NO! The reason why ZDF is broadcasting at a higher bit rate is that 
Eurosport and Euronews went off their transponder (to KDG transponder on 
23,5°). Bandwidth is a measure of frequency range, measured in hertz. 
This range has _not_ changed which would be rather difficult because 
frequencies on satellites are pretty fix. Also modulation, FEC and 
symbol rate have not been changed.


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