[vdr] kvdr 0.64 released

gfiala at s.netic.de gfiala at s.netic.de
Mon Jan 30 10:35:11 CET 2006

Don't know if there is a way to fix this, but whenever configure is run the 
first time i need to specify full paths like this:

configure --prefix=/usr/kde/3.5 --with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt/3

I assume, that this is whenever a distribution (in this case Gentoo) has the 
libraries in a non-standard-directory, i could include a number of 
combinations, but in the long run, wouldn't that slow down the lengthy 
configure additionally?

About your problem with no more overlay-mode,
i had a conversation about this with someone else, and it turned out he uses 
the "latest NVidia-Drivers" and this is the problem.

These drivers do (no longer???) support DGA and dga ist required to detect the 
framebuffer-adress, at least all programs i know of use DGA to do so.
This is, that v4l-conf is used to set the framebuffer-adress for any overlay-
displaying software and it complains about missing DGA-extension.
Is there a proposal that DGA is a depricated feature or how can this happen?

(It turned out, that xawtv does an automatic fallback to xv-mode in such cases, 
so it is not that obvious sometimes.)

You can test this problem by running v4l-conf manually in a console.
(Eventually your v4l-conf binary is not suid-root, this is another cause for no 
overlay been shown when kvdr run as non-root user).


Note: There will soon be another release for kvdr which will print this DGA-
error and fix some problems i introduced accidently with the new feature.

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