[vdr] Xine and CPU Usage

Niko Mikkila nm at phnet.fi
Mon Jan 30 17:19:34 CET 2006

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 08:19:34 -0600
Chad Flynt <hoochster at sofnet.com> wrote:

> Indeed, I just swapped motherboards/cpus/memory.  Everything else stayed 
> the same.  That is what blows my mind, I will admit I screwed up and 
> decided to build fresh which I should have first just redone the kernel 
> but that has never been an issue before hehe.  So just wondering if I am 
> missing some magic ingredient.  It makes no sense that the much faster 
> pc is using much more load than the slower pc, and I didn't get stutters 
> or anything on the HD channels on the old pc, you could just tell it 
> needed a little more power to even things out, but other than that the 
> video was very smooth.  As where now on HDTV it is real jerky.  I did 
> solve my audio issues with the help of a friend and google, so all I got 
> left is the cpu load problem.  Would like to learn more about scaling 
> the video but I am not concerned with that till I make the rest work hehe!
> I have tried going back to the old DirectFB/DFB++ src I was using on the 
> old pc, I have used the old Xine-Lib/UI from the old pc, all same 
> results.  I have installed all my codecs etc back on to see if that made 
> a difference but don't think it utilizes any of that unless I use like 
> Xineplayer or something.  So only thing left is the motherboard chipset, 
> that maybe I have to patch the kernel or something for VIA dunno.  But 
> willing to try any suggestions.  One other notable mention, one of the 
> dependencies for Xine-UI and also DirectFB is XLIBS-DEV.  That package 
> is now deprecated due to Xorg.  So I wasn't able to install it.  I run 
> Debian, so I just forced Xine and DirectFB to be built without it, maybe 
> I should look at the ./configure and see if there is something I should 
> disable instead of doing that?  But would that have any significance if 
> I am not using X at all?  And can anyone give me any good reasons why I 
> would want X installed and run VDR/Xine through it instead of a Frame 
> Buffer being as this is a dedicated TV System?  I just don't want to 
> install it if it isn't going to gain me any advantages but if it will 
> run better, give more scaling/deinterlacer options etc then by all means 
> I have the power to run it.  Just didn't see the need and figured it 
> would use up more resources than it was worth.
> Thanks again for any assistance.

If you have a custom built kernel, or it is just old, you could be
missing proper AGP support for your new board. I would first build a
new kernel or use a recent one from Debian unstable. I also recommend
changing to the AMD64 Debian port, because it will gain you additional
10-20% performance in most programs (think 4000+ against 3500+). Just
make sure all the programs you use are available as 64-bit versions, so
that you don't need to set up a 32-bit chroot environment, which can be
a bit painful in Debian.

X.org has the advantage of XvMC for NVidia drivers, and also better
support in various video programs, which you might want to run in
parallel with VDR and Xine. AFAIK recent versions of Xine work better
on X.org than DirectFB, but I might be wrong here. I'm also not sure if
the tvtime deinterlacing algorithms work with full framerate (50fps for
PAL or 60fps for NTSC) in DirectFB either, so X.org may be better
suited for advanced post-processing.

Niko Mikkilä

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