[vdr] Xine and CPU Usage

Chad Flynt hoochster at sofnet.com
Mon Jan 30 20:41:26 CET 2006

Niko Mikkila wrote:

>On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 11:08:21 -0600
>Chad Flynt <hoochster at sofnet.com> wrote:
>>Thank you much for your reply, I did do a vanilla 2.6.16-rc1 kernel and 
>>as far as I know selected all the proper agp stuff for my board but ya 
>>know I can easily make a mistake, only reason I didn't do 64bit kernel 
>>etc is cuz didn't know if all of VDR and plugins etc were fully 
>>supported in 64 bit, haven't really kept up with it since I wasn't 
>>running VDR with it! :)  But I will give it a go!  And as far as X goes, 
>>if I can find a good Video Conferencing product for X I would LOVE to 
>>combine that with VDR or if had to be run in a diff window for the 
>>purpose, that is how my parents see their grandkids, and one of the only 
>>reasons I still have a Winblows box still around!  But I would guess 
>>running X would definately give me an advantage to finding such a 
>>thing.  Will check it out, running Matrox G550 but do have some NVIDIA 
>>cards around have some friends that keep bugging me about XVMC just 
>>haven't gotten around to it due to refusing to install X! :)  But will 
>>try.  Thanks again for all the tips, will report back any of my findings.
>Actually I have a _very_ similar situation with Matrox G450 and an
>Athlon64 2800+ on Via K8T800 Pro chipset. I use X.org, but the G450
>seems to be awfully slow and I can't even display 720p properly. I
>always thought the problem was that the card just wasn't fast enough (I
>didn't really test HDTV on my earlier system), but your experience on a
>slower system shows that there must be something else going on. I use a
>completely 64-bit system and I have set the Matrox X drivers to use AGP
>4x, but that doesn't help much. Even mga_vid with MPlayer causes about as
>high CPU usage as Xv output. This seems like some sort of hardware
>incompatibility, or otherwise bad AGP support for the Via K8T800 -
>Matrox Gxxx combination. I've been troubled by this for some time, so
>please tell if you find any solution :)
>Niko Mikkilä
>vdr mailing list
>vdr at linuxtv.org
Will do, glad to hear  you run the same type of chipset, might be 
hitting you up on any problems I face on the 64bit setup.  Never ran VDR 
on 64bit yet, hope you don't mind.  I assume you are doing DVI out to 
your TV for the HDTV part of it.  Cuz I never see my projector truly say 
720p or whatnot when I tune to a HD Channel, just looks better.  Or is 
that something I have to tell xine to do?  Anyways, I started the 64 bit 
install during lunch will finish it up when I get home this evening.  
Thanks again for all your help, looking forward to making it work.  I 
did put my NVIDIA 5200 in to attempt the XVMC but due to you having 
issues with your Matrox, I will throw it in there too and see what 
happens between the two.

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