[vdr] Xine and CPU Usage

Niko Mikkila nm at phnet.fi
Mon Jan 30 22:50:28 CET 2006

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:41:26 -0600
Chad Flynt <hoochster at sofnet.com> wrote:

> Niko Mikkila wrote:
> >
> >Actually I have a _very_ similar situation with Matrox G450 and an
> >Athlon64 2800+ on Via K8T800 Pro chipset. I use X.org, but the G450
> >seems to be awfully slow and I can't even display 720p properly. I
> >always thought the problem was that the card just wasn't fast enough (I
> >didn't really test HDTV on my earlier system), but your experience on a
> >slower system shows that there must be something else going on. I use a
> >completely 64-bit system and I have set the Matrox X drivers to use AGP
> >4x, but that doesn't help much. Even mga_vid with MPlayer causes about as
> >high CPU usage as Xv output. This seems like some sort of hardware
> >incompatibility, or otherwise bad AGP support for the Via K8T800 -
> >Matrox Gxxx combination. I've been troubled by this for some time, so
> >please tell if you find any solution :)
> >
> >
> Will do, glad to hear  you run the same type of chipset, might be 
> hitting you up on any problems I face on the 64bit setup.  Never ran VDR 
> on 64bit yet, hope you don't mind.

Not at all. I've had no problems with VDR or any of the few plugins I use.
I even run Dxr3 as a secondary output to a TV in another room. 64 bits is
not a problem as long as you can compile the stuff yourself.

> I assume you are doing DVI out to your TV for the HDTV part of it.

Well, I can't actually receive any HDTV broadcasts yet, but I've tested
a few files freely available on the net. Apples HD trailers are pretty
good for testing as long as you keep in mind that they are H.264 so
decoding them is pretty slow anyway and XvMC doesn't help with that.
MPEG-2 clips are harder to find, but you probably don't have that problem.
As a display I use a 21" CRT monitor and an XGA projector connected with
plain VGA.

> Cuz I never see my projector truly say 720p or whatnot when I tune to
> a HD Channel, just looks better.

If you haven't set up a 1280x720 resolution for framebuffer, you won't
get it. Instead Xine will resize to 720x576 or whatever you use
normally. It will look better because the source is very high quality
compared to SDTV broadcasts.

At least Matrox G450 doesn't even support 1280x720 video overlays, so I
just crop to 1024x720 (with the actual screen resolution being
1024x768). So far I've only tested HDTV with MPlayer, but cropping
might be possible with Xine too. With GeForce FX 5200 you won't have
this problem, so don't worry. Just set up a 720p resolution for X.org
and run Xine :)

> [...]

Oh, there is one problem with 64-bit Xine that I now recalled. In 64-bit
mode the MMX and SSE acceleration features are partly disabled,
apparently because the 64-bit support in Xine has not been finished
properly. This also disables Greedy2Frame, GreedyH and TomsMoComp
tvtime deinterlacing filters, so that you can't do any good-quality
deinterlacing at all. I brought this up on the xine-devel mailing list
a while ago, but the main Xine developers are busy outside the project,
and people haven't really demanded a fix yet. I'm using a fully patched
Xine with Greedy2Frame without problems myself, but it is not easy to
get working from scratch. I can put the patches and the patched sources
on my homepage when I find enough free time between work and studies.
Maybe next weekend.

Niko Mikkilä

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