[vdr] Moving charMap from menuitems.c to Make.config

Carsten Presser cpresser at fsing.uni-sb.de
Tue Jan 31 11:46:49 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> Well, i18n.c is there for internationalization, and the
> character map apparently needs to be localized, so it's
> in there. I don't want to make this another Make.config option,
> so I'm afraid you'll have to either fully switch to a localized
> language version, or live with your patch.
I think i is time to think about splitting up internationalization and 
it is a matter of fact that most projects have these two seperated.
I vote for a file l10n.c in future relases.

I am aware, that this requires code changes, but i would lead to a more 
universal vdr.


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