[vdr] G450 softdevice

Laz laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Thu Jun 1 13:46:52 CEST 2006

On Thursday 01 Jun 2006 11:01, Stuart Morris wrote:
> I have been reading the 'TV-out, softdevice' thread and it appears
> there are users out there happy with their G450 + softdevice setup.
> I have a G450 but have been put off using it with VDR because
> information on how to get this combination to work on the net is
> poor. Googling gives information that is very old. Can anyone
> provide a concise howto describing everything required to set up
> a G450 head2 rgb-scart with softdevice on a recent 2.6.x kernel?

Have you looked at the TV-out info on the softdevice web page:

It was a while ago that I set my G450 up but I think it was pretty 
straightforward. Here's hoping that someone will correct me here!

One thing I _can't_ remember is whether the stock matroxfb in the kernel 
source works or whether it needs replacing with a different version 
(maybe someone else can enlighten us on this!). You will need a couple of 
patches which are to be found in the DirectFB source:

matroxfb-g400-clock-2.6.6.patch.bz2 (not quite sure what this one does)
matroxfb-full-memory-linux-2.6.6.patch.bz2 (this lets you use all of the 
RAM literally changes a couple of lines)

It looks like the matroxfb-vsync-irq patch has been included in the stock 
kernel so isn't needed now.

I made a component RGB cable from the schematics at:
(pretty sure it was the "Scart-RGB cable for the Millennium G450" one 
which I bodged from a lead pinched off an old monitor.

Apart from that, I think I just built CVS DirectFB, CVS softdevice and it 
all just worked, apart from I was seeing lots of horizontal lines when 
scaling to a 4:3 TV (fixed by setting softdevice to 16:9 and setting my 
TV to 16:9 or 4:3 as needed!), although I think that has been resolved 

As I mentioned in a previous posting it was working perfectly until I 
updated softdevice a few weeks back. Now the A-V sync sometimes wanders 
and interlaced streams aren't always smooth. Yet to track down the cause 
of this...



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