[vdr] problem compiling libxine(vdr-patched) under gentoo

Thomas Glomann mailinglists at glomann.de
Thu Jun 1 20:06:32 CEST 2006

On Thursday 01 June 2006 19:36, Luis Palacios wrote:
> Hi Thomas, I´m trying to do something similar. In my case is a bit more
> complex as I'm trying under a PPC architecture. It's a Gentoo Linux/
> PPC mac
> setup. I've been able to compile vdr, xine-ui, xine-lib and vdr-
> streamdev-client
> ebuilds (the last one I made my own overlay). I've used the USE=vdr
> for the xine-ui.
> However, I´ve NOT found the vdr-xine ebuild, so I doubt that my xine
> (ui and lib)
> got any vdr patch.
> Have you done something different to be able to apply the vdr-xine
> patch? do you
> know where I can get a vdr-xine ebuild?
> thanks,
> luis

Hi Luis,

Ok, I didn't use an ebuild for vdr-xine (which is just a patched xine-lib). 
Unfortunately, the xine-lib in portage does not include this patch. So I made 
a little hack : I extracted the xine-lib sources (in /usr/portage/distfiles), 
applied the patch (the one form the the vdr-xine plugin), repacked the 
sources and then moved it back to portage/distfiles. Then you have to modify 
the digest files in your portage tree of course. This can easily done 
with "ebuild ....xine-lib-....ebuild digest".
After that you can simply emerge xine-lib and the already patched sources get 
compiled as usual, except for the compile error I posted to the last 
yesterday. Maybe you have better luck :)


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