[vdr] Re: Anyone got analogTV working????

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jun 2 23:01:15 CEST 2006

Simon Baxter wrote:
> I've been trying to get analogTV working with a PVR-150, but I get no 

Haven't ever tried vdr-analogtv with my PVR-250, but pvrinput
http://home.arcor.de/andreas.regel/files/pvrinput/ (which Andreas Regel
developed inspired from analogtv) is for ivtv cards only, the encoding
is done in hardware, no ffmpeg involved. It just worked for me with
ivtv-0.4.x, ivtv-0.6.2 and now even ivtv-0.8 (current subversion from
www.ivtvdriver.org, which may never get released if it gets included in
v4l-dvb). Btw, for ivtv-0.8 you *have* to go with v4l-dvb from the HG
repository and "make ivtv" will fetch the ivtv drivers.


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