[vdr] TV-out, softdevice

Johan Linder tmp at damnit.nu
Mon Jun 5 12:23:41 CEST 2006

As I said earlier I had a dxr3 laying around so I tried with that.  
The TV-out is *much* better than with softdevice and nvidia. As you  
all said, maybe G450 is a better solution but I don't have one of  
those so the dxr3 will do. I occationally have some glitches in the A/ 
V but i think it's due to bad reception. I'll look in to it more.
Thank you all!

// Johan

1 jun 2006 kl. 10.24 skrev Laz:

> On Thursday 01 Jun 2006 00:59, Malcolm Caldwell wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-05-31 at 09:47 +0300, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
>>> On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 03:31:31AM +0300, Niko Mikkila wrote:
>>>> If you want good interlaced TV-out with much less problems and
>>>> tinkering, I'd recommend getting a full-featured DVB card or
>>>> a Dxr3/Hollywood+ card (that'll cost less than EUR 15 on eBay).
>>> I'd say that -P"softdevice -vo:mgatv" (on a G450) is less hassle  
>>> than
>>> -Pdxr3.  Because my dxr3 broke only after a couple of months of  
>>> usage
>>> and I've been using softdevice for almost 1.5 years now, I may be
>>> biased. Softdevice has gotten a lot more stable during that time.
>> I also switched from dxr3 to softdevice with a matrox G450 about 10
>> months ago.
> My old system used to be a 1 GHz Athlon with a dxr3 in it and it  
> was rock
> solid most of the time. The system did sometimes fail to boot but I
> eventually tracked that down to a dodgy PSU. I changed this for my
> current Via Epia system because the Athlon made lots of noise!
>> For me the G450 has been a lot more stable.  With the dxr3 I had
>> crashes, OSD failures etc etc.  I was upgrading my vdr dxr3plugin
>> version every week or so hoping things would improve.
>> Reading the lists it would seem that the dxr3 solution has improved:
>> perhaps I jumped ship just a bit early...  Even if this is so I am
>> still glad I converted.
>> Regardless, IMHO softplay makes softdevice a superior solution.
> Softdevice also gives a much better OSD than the dxr3.
> I replaced the dxr3 with a G450 and moved that system upstairs to  
> use with
> streamdev and an nfs-mounted /video directory. After a little bit of
> fiddling with kernel patches and making an RGB component cable, the
> picture was perfect.
> However, since I upgraded softdevice a few weeks back, interlaced  
> streams
> tend to judder a bit on the G450, and the video gets jerky when the  
> is displayed. :(
> Bizarrely, if I move the 'cursor' down a menu by holding down a  
> key, I get
> a weird ghosting trail of the cursor, i.e. it fades out behind it  
> as it
> moves. I presume it isn't meant to do this (doesn't on my Epia system)
> but it looks quite cool!
> I'm sure softdevice was perfect with interlaced streams before the  
> upgrade
> (it has been kept quite up to date with softdevice CVS so it must be
> something recent). I haven't looked into this yet but suspect  
> something
> has changed with the mgatv option (triple buffering enabled or  
> disabled
> or something?).
> As you say, softplay is a great, simple solution without needing  
> mplayer
> running too! Shame I don't get sound from RealMedia files!
> Cheers,
> Laz
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