[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] New plugins: remoteosd and svdrpext

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Tue Jun 6 12:13:27 CEST 2006

I like to introduce a set of new plugins, especially useful for those running
VDR in a client/server environment.

With remoteosd the menu of a remote VDR becomes available as submenu of your
local VDR menu. So you can e.g. edit timers or execute commands on the server.

On the one hand this is more powerful than what has been offered by older
versions of the streamdev plugin. However there are a few drawbacks:

- as every key stroke has to be processed on the server, it is quite slow
- the OSD menu pops up on the server
- no concurrent access

I will adress these issues with an other plugin, but I haven't started coding
yet. I plan to include features like client-side editing of remote timers
(just like the former streamdev feature), syncing of channels and syncing of
epg in the background. Anyway, for the moment I hope the generic approach with
remoteosd will help all those who miss the remote timers feature in streamdev.

svdrpext, the other plugin, is currently no more than the server part of
remoteosd. But most likely I will need some more svdrp commands for the other
things I have on my TODO list.

Both plugins and more detailed information is available on
http://vdr.schmirler.de. But be warned: This is the first release. Although I
have been running these plugins here without major problems it doesn't mean
that there will be no problems in your environment!


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