[vdr] Too many open files?

Gavin Hamill gdh at acentral.co.uk
Tue Jun 6 12:55:22 CEST 2006

Nicolas Huillard wrote:

Hello :)

> Gavin Hamill a écrit :

>> It would suggest that the number of PID filters on the device has been
>> exceeded, but I know that there are 15 available, and VDR is only using
>> nine:
> Isn't this the actual kernel limit ?
> Verify in /proc :
> $ grep . /proc/sys/fs/file-*
> /proc/sys/fs/file-max:154060
> /proc/sys/fs/file-nr:3850       0       154060

/proc/sys/fs/file-nr:840        0       24064

> Maybe something is leaking file handles somewhere. In that case, you
> have to find an fix the problem.

It would seem not.. Plus, on changing the USB device to my own PCI
cx88-dvb 'blackbird' card, VDR works beautifully... so given that I can
open 15 PIDs with dvbstream on the USB device, I can't see why changing
the DVB hardware should have any impact on VDR :(

I'm really just looking for extra pointers / where to put some 'pid open 
count' dprintf()s etc. ...


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