[vdr] [Announce] epgsearch-0.9.17b

Christian Wieninger cwieninger at gmx.de
Sun Jun 11 09:39:42 CEST 2006


here's the next release of epgsearch that already includes some fixes 
for problems
found at vdrportal:

2006-06-05: Version 0.9.17
- dropped support for vdr < 1.3.46 :-(
- changed logic in jumping through menus with user-defined times: you 
can now
  also access times on next day, if they are less then 20 hours in the
  future. Thanks to egal at vdrportal and CKone at vdrportal.
- epgsearch has now its own timer conflict check which can be customized by
  setup regarding relevant priorities, the time span to check or the 
  conflict duration. There is also a conflict manager in Search/Actions that
  can be used to resolve conflicts. Many thanks to Mike Constabel for heavy
  testing ;-)
- if there is a timer conflicts notification via OSD, you can now press 
'Ok' to
  go directly to the timer conflicts overview.
- if you like to have a separate main menu entry for the timer conflict 
  use '-P conflictcheckonly' which comes as 'mini'-plugin with epgsearch 
  simply calls epgsearch's conflict menu. conflictcheckonly has a setup 
  to display an info about the last conflict check directly in its main menu
- setup is now completely restructured and has now something like an 
- menu 'switch timers' now also displays the channel number
- input logic for extended EPG categories changed to allow multiple values.
- added script 'timercmds-auxinfo.sh' that displays the aux info (e.g. the
  search timer responsible for the timer) in VDR's timer menu (requires the
  timercmd patch), thanks to the author Mike Constabel
- user-defined EPG times with empty description get now their associated 
  as description, suggested by Bafan at vdrportal
- new service interface "Epgsearch-conflictmenu-v1.0" to call epgsearch's
  conflict menu from other plugins.
- new service interface "Epgsearch-lastconflictinfo-v1.0" to get an info 
  the last conflict check result.
- epgsearchmenu.conf is not more reloaded with every plugin call, since 
this is
  only useful when testing the conf file. To activate the permanent
  reload again, pass the new start parameter '-r' or '--reloadmenuconf' in
  your runvdr
- thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for finnish translation update
- added HISTORY.DE (german HISTORY)
- loading epgsearchmenu.conf now falls back to menu defaults, if the 
conf file
  contains any errors.
- fixed handling of '%' in  LSTS in SVDRP for vdr > 1.3.44, thanks to Mike
- fixed loading epgsearchmenu.conf for epgsearchonly and service interface
  "Epgsearch-searchmenu-v1.0", thanks to Daniel Dorau for reporting.
- fixed display update in menu 'Search templates', thanks to Mike Constabel
- fixed a bug when deleting associated timers of a search timer when there
  are no timers present, thanks to Patrick Koppen for reporting.
- hopefully fixed a bug when adding a search entry to templates, thanks to
  Patrick Koppen for reporting. 

2006-06-06: Version 0.9.17a
- menu 'timer conflicts' automatically returned if there where periodic
  timers, thanks to lostinspc at vdrportal
- fixed some compiling problems with gcc-2.95 and gcc-4.1.0, thanks to
  ferdi03 at vdrportal, smudo81 at vdrportal, toxic-tonic at vdrportal

2006-06-10: Version 0.9.17b
- fixed some problems with repeating timers in timer conflict check, 
thanks to
  Peter Juenger for reporting
- fixed a crash in timer conflict check when there was an active 
recording on
  a device provided by a plugin (e.g. pvr, streamdev), thanks to Gerhard
  Steiner for reporting.


wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.17b.tgz



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