[vdr] Re: [Announce] LNB-sharing patch for VDR 1.4.0-3

Matthias Lötzke Matthias at Loetzke.de
Sun Jun 11 21:46:07 CEST 2006

Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de says...
> > - complete rewrite of the LNB-sharing code in cDevice::GetDevice() to
> >   fit that somewhat cryptic new code in the VDR source
> What's "cryptic" about it?

Bit shifting and bit manipulating code like 

imp <<= 8; imp |= min(max(device[i]->Priority() + MAXPRIORITY, 0), 
imp <<= 8; imp |= min(max(device[i]->ProvidesCa(Channel), 0), 0xFF);

is hard to read and makes it difficult to understand the whole algorithm 
without documentation.
Personally I prefer to use bit manipulating operations only where it is 


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