[vdr] witch softdevice output depending on hard and soft

Leo Márquez leo at calidae.net
Wed Jun 14 09:53:37 CEST 2006


I'm in the way of set different vdr clients based on softdevice and 
Depending on each I have to decide witch softdevice output use.
For example, one client is a debian gnome desktop machine with a pci 
express radeon X700.

The output of :

xdpyinfo |grep Video

Returns only XVideo. What is the best way to set that I want? I have 
tried to set the xv option but when I start VDR with:

-P"softdevice -vo xv:"

It says me that softdevice is not compiled with xv support.
I have been checked the softdevice Makefile and XV_SUPPORT is set to 1
But I have noticed that when I execute in the softdevice dir the 
./configure command with an option related to xv then the config.h and 
config.mak don't change. For example if I execute ./config --disable-fb 
I see config.h and config.mak updated.
But if I execute ./configure --disable-xv don't update anything. If 
after that I execute again only ./configure anything changed again and 
it must update to enable all the outputs again.

The other type of client I want set is a non x-window system based. I 
have tried it with directfb without luck. The hardware is geoforce mx 
4400 or 5500.

I know there is a lot of docs and I have readed a lot of them but I'm 
confused about how to set the best output. I know that the fb output is 
bad because cpu have a lot of work. At the moment the fb output is the 
only way softdevice worked to me.
I understand that xvmc or directfb is the best way but I don't know 
exactly how to set up these.


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