[vdr] False "video data stream broken"

Dave P vdr at pickles.me.uk
Thu Jun 15 17:30:49 CEST 2006

On Thursday 15 Jun 2006 00:03, Darren Salt wrote:
> Situation: an incomplete recording of a programme on BBC Three. The
> recording was started just before the changeover between CBBC and BBC3,
> and I use a recording margin of three minutes; the recording was started
> at 18:57.
> I should mention that these two channels share the same VPID and APIDs,
> and here is a short interval in which nothing is being broadcast on
> those PIDs. I also have the channel update set for names only (altering
> this setting is not an option).
> This usually does not cause a problem. This time, however...
> The "video data stream broken" timeout was reached, resulting in an
> emergency exit. Of course, vdr can't be restarted immediately, and
> runvdr (mine) decided to sleep for five minutes because of too many
> restart attempts in too short a time... whoops, there go the first few
> minutes of the programme which I wanted to record...
> Maybe I should put in a short delay in runvdr.c to make this less
> likely. Or I could increase MAXBROKENTIMEOUT. Or perhaps VDR should be
> fixed so as not to assume that no data == broken stream if it can
> receive *any* other data from the same multiplex, or maybe channels
> could be individually protected against updates...?

I've had exactly the same problem with BBC-3 and BBC-4. My short-term fix 
is to manually remove the pre-padding of the recording, since the 
changeover time between channels is normally spot-on. However a proper fix 
would be appreciated.


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