[vdr] Re: VDR help - no OSD provider Available

Iain iain at bigserver.dnsalias.net
Fri Jun 16 02:17:02 CEST 2006


Gulab Chandra Yadava wrote:
> now I run "# vdr -Pxine" I get the fiollwing messages in
> /var/log/messages but still there is no OSD (Almost same message for
> mplayer)
> Jun 14 19:31:47 localhost vdr: [3666] ERROR: remote control XineRemote
> not ready!
> Jun 14 19:31:57 localhost vdr: [3666] switching to channel 1
> Can u suugset me what should I do now.

To my untrained eye, that looks like the the vdr-xine plugin. You now
need to leave vdr running like that, and start xine -p -s vdr (1), or
start xine and click the "vdr" search-button.

Actually, I think you also want to use vdr -P'xine -r' to get keyboard

I believe the "softdevice" plugin does the decoding and display
internally, but vdr-xine passes it to xine for decode+display, so y'need
to run xine aswell.

You must use a vdr-xine enabled version of xine; check the keymap/key
binding editor (right-click xine, settings -> Keymap Editor...), there
should be entries like "VDR Red button". Skip the chapter on
remote-learning, and adjust your keys here. (that ERROR about xineremote
is by design, IIRC).

(1) I use "xine --post "expand:centre_cut_out_mode=1;vdr" -f -p -s vdr".
Works quite nicely.
Hope that helps.

Finally, please have a read through
http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc1855.txt section 3, and 

Regards, Iain
W: http://www.triv.org.uk/~iain/

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